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LD42W / LD42A


LD42A and LD42W are powerful, IP68 rated miniature recessed LED wall lights. Designed for applications where low glare is important, the lens assembly is set back behind a glare shield and interior finishes black anodised. The LD42A utilises a special film which focuses the light downwards by 20°. This is particularly useful in low level applications like step lighting. Behind the machined bezel the glass is held in place by a gasket so no glue line is seen. Photometric data is available in the design pack.


Bathroom and Mirror, External, Floor Wash, Steps, Yacht Lighting, Pathway


With no visible fixings it is secured either by spring clips, or by 2 'O' rings into the /480 first fix sleeve which we would recommend

Lamp Information

Cree XPG: 2 output options - 1.2W @ 350mA (LD42W/A-350) and 1.7W @ 500mA (LD42W/A-500)


Stainless steel 316 bezel, hard anodised aluminium body

IP Rating

IP68 - Not for permanent submersion (for permanent submersion applications use LD242A)


/480 Fixing sleeve and 'O' rings


LD42W / LD42A
LD42W Datasheet
LD42W / LD42A
Design Pack
LD42W / LD42A
Photometric LDT
LD42W / LD42A

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