MLP Tours the LightGraphix Factory
4th Jul 2024

This month we were very pleased to host our partners MLP and a cohort of lighting designers who came all the way from Australia to our factory in Crayford, Greater London, for product training and a tour of our facilities.

Whilst here, they were shown our manufacturing process from start to finish, from goods-in quality checks and 3D printed design prototypes, to our in-house paint rooms, glass gluing and assembly.

Giuseppe Simone, Founder & Director of Antumbra said: "It was great to see the craftmanship and the level of detail to manufacture each component and fitting. As a fan of LightGraphix, this visit confirmed for me the quality of the brand and the passion of the team to create some of the best fittings in the outdoor lighting market."

IGS said: "Visiting LightGraphix headquarters and seeing first-hand every step of production was a great experience. The high quality and endurance of their fittings is the result of a solid team that ensures every product assembled with passion and precision."

Daniel Brid from ARUP said: "It was a pleasure to visit Light Graphix factory. The exceptional quality of their light fittings and their dedication to innovation and continuous improvement left a lasting impression on me."

Thank you to all the designers who made the journey to see us, and your positive feedback. We hope to see you again soon!