Now CB Certified
10th Jul 2024

Earlier this year we made the decision to submit a large part of our range for CB testing and we are excited to announce that the first groups have started to achieve the certification through the LIA. 

The CB certification scheme is a 3rd party testing and certification scheme that goes beyond the allowances that self-certified standards such as CE and UKCA adhere to. Whilst the CB scheme tests to the same standards the rules are a lot more stringent.

The CB scheme also allows for national variances to be tested so on top of the UK and the EU27 we have also added testing and certification for an additional 20 countries. Our use of the CB scheme reinforces LightGraphix’s commitment to manufacturing high-quality, safe and easy-to-specify products in the global marketplace.

Products that have already achieved CB Status are:

Surface mount spotlights

LD50, LD51, LD238, LD10238

In-ground up lights   

LD18, LD41, LD43, LD44, LD56, LD60

Wall and floor markers

LD61, LD62, LD64, LD65

We will keep you updated as more products achieve certification.